More details on the NY KISS Expo

As we reported a month ago, the annual New York KISS Expo (and Hard Rock Collectors Convention) will take place on May 14 this year. The place to be is the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Secaucus, New Jersey. KISS tribute band KISS Nation will perform live, as will Richie Ranno’s All Star’s (featuring Joe Dube and George D’Ana from Starz), all-girl rock band Jaded as well as Van Halen tribute band Unchained. The many special guests include:

* KISS merchandise designer/artist and Official KISS Magazine
writer/designer/photographer Christopher Franchi;
* Former wife of original KISS drummer Peter Criss, Lydia Criss, promoting her book Sealed With A KISS;
* Original Destroyer and Love Gun cover artist Ken Kelly;
* Author of Into The Void… With Ace Frehley and ex Ace Frehley personal assistant and girlfriend, Wendy Moore;
* Publisher of the Official KISS Magazine Warren Lapine
* Author of the ‘KISS Album Focus book series Julian Gill;
* Catalog consultant on the KISS: The Remasters CD re-issues Robert V. Conte;

Check out the official Expo website for updates on additional guests and directions to the Expo at Tickets are available in advance, with VISA/MC by calling 201-398-0150.

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